Inventions Extraordinaire

For Immediate Release

25th July 2024

Robert M. Dettore, President and Chief Inventor of Inventions Extraordinaire,Inc., (IE) recently briefed stakeholders regarding key milestones in the development of Mask for Drinking a Beverage. This mask has been appropriately named Drinkomask™ and was granted US Patent protection, (Pat. 10,905,905), by the US Patent and Trademark Office, (USPTO), December 10, 2020.

Drinkomask™ is a uniquely designed respirator/mask that permits a wearer to safely consume a beverage without removing or adjusting the worn mask thus undermining or eliminating the protective qualities of the mask. Potential applications and uses of the new Drinkomask™ are virtually limitless and will prove essential to efforts to incorporate mask usage in the current and post-COVID environments.

Proof-of-Concept and prototypes of the unique Drinkomask™ have been successfully produced thus confirming the soundness and propriety of the design. Accordingly, Inventions Extraordinaire has determined to introduce this product publicly. Relevant information has been posted at and manufacturers and distributors of high-quality PPE are invited to become part of the supply chain for this now patented and unique American invention.